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An immigrant is someone who moves to another country and wishes to settle there for an extended period, as opposed to a casual visitor or traveler. Immigration refers to "in-migration" to a country, which is the opposite of emigration, meaning "out-migration."

The reasons why someone wants to become a Dutch citizen or reside in the Netherlands are diverse:

Individuals who have legally resided in the Netherlands for a considerable period and feel Dutch, seek naturalization.
Refugees who feel unsafe in their own country apply for political asylum.
Individuals who intend to temporarily work and live in the Netherlands, such as au pairs.
Persons who have a relationship with someone living in the Netherlands.

The immigration policy is determined by the government and parliament. Anyone who wishes to come to the Netherlands for an extended period, meaning longer than three months. It is possible to apply for a residence permit (VVR), visa, or Provisional Residence Permit (MVV). After a prolonged stay in the Netherlands, individuals can apply for naturalization.

Residents of impoverished countries who want to visit the Netherlands for three months also need to apply for a visa for their stay. 

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To get the correct advice for your situation, follow these steps


  • Step 1  Select your nationality, destination and reason for travel to find the correct requirements and travel advice
  • Step 2  If following our advice, you decide to submit an application, then click on the 'request visa' button, fill in your details and confirm your application
  • Step 3  Check the necessary documents and send them to us, or use our courier pickup service
  • Step 4  Once your business visa has been issued, we will make sure it's correct and send it back to you directly

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