Applying for a visa for India

Since 2014, India has introduced the e-Visa for travelers traveling to India for business or tourism purposes. Due to the electronic visa, Dutch passport holders no longer need to go to the embassy in person, but their visa can easily be arranged online. Simply send us a scan of your passport photo and passport and answer a few questions in our questionnaire. After 3 working days you will receive your visa from us. Travel well prepared, without the hassle. Enter your nationality and visa type via our visa wizard at the top of this page and experience the convenience of the India e-visa.

The visa for India

India is a country with a rich culture and is much loved by tourists. On top of this India’s economy is growing extremely fast and they are a valued trade partner to many European countries. Many Dutch companies are invested in trade and business deals in India. Are you planning a trip to India? Then you will most likely need a visa irrelevant of your purpose of travel. The requirements for a visa for India are dependent on your reason for travel. The application for a business visa is very different from that of a tourist visa. It is very important that you fulfil all of the necessary requirements, or you run the risk of having your application rejected.

Are you unsure of what a visa is? Not all Dutch passport holders are accustomed to travelling with a visa. Inside the EU, Dutch passport holders do not need visas to travel. This is not the case when travelling to many countries outside of the EU. A visa is a document with which you can show that you have official permission to enter and travel through a country. If you wish to travel to India, then as a Dutch passport holder you will first need to apply for a visa for India. To ensure that you receive your visa you will need to fulfil all of the requirements necessary. Visa requirements differ substantially per country and as such you need to find out what the specific requirements are for your trip to India. For most people, a visa application is a confusing and complicated process. If you are doing it for the first time then it can cost you a lot of time and stress in making sure that all of your specific requirements are met and correctly documented.

Do you want to be sure that your visa application runs smoothly and without issues? Then you should use a specialist company to take over your application for a visa for India. At Visa Service Desk we can take care of your application and help you through the whole process so that you are 100% sure that you have fulfilled all of the requirements. We ensure that you have no worries throughout the whole process and that you can concentrate on the details of your trip without having to worry about running into difficulties with your visa application. Even if you have no experience at all with visa applications, Visa Service Desk will make sure that it is an easy and efficient procedure.

How does it work?

Applying for your visa with Visa Service Desk is easy. Below are the steps necessary for a visa sticker in your passport. We can also assist with an electronic visa for India if that is your preference.

  • laptop Step 1  Start your application online on our website
  • flight Step 2  You will then see which documents are necessary for your application.
  • paper place Step 3  Send all of the documents to us digitally.
  • recycle Step 4  We will make sure that everything is correct and complete, and deliver the application to the Indian Embassy.
  • passport Step 5  We then ensure that you receive your visa as quickly as possible.

Requirements for a business visa for India – for Dutch passport holders

India is a country that is becoming more and more popular with Dutch companies and entrepreneurs. Do you have a business trip to India planned? Then it is important that your visa requirements are complete and in order. There are more requirements for a business visa for India than there are for a tourist visa. At Visa Service Desk we will help you to ensure that you fulfil all of your specific requirements. Below you can see the standard requirements for a normal business visa.

Please be aware that the requirements for your specific situation could be different from the basic requirements shown below. To ensure that the exact requirements are met, place an order online through our website.

  • Passport
  • An additional copy of your passport
  • 2 passport photos measuring 5x5cm
  • An original copy of your visa application form with 2 original signatures
  • An original and signed declaration
  • Invitation letter
  • Employer’s statement
  • Company registration (chamber of commerce)
  • Indian founding act

Do you want more information about the above requirements? Then please contact us directly. How the requirements are to be met can vary per situation. Our specialists have extensive experience with visas and are happy to help you with your specific visa requirements.

Examples of the tailor-made services from Visa Service Desk

  • Quick completion of your visa application

    Is it important that you get your Indian visa quickly? Then it is essential that all of your documents and details are correct, first time. Thanks to our services and guidance, you can be sure that the process will run smoothly. You will receive a clear plan from us so that you know exactly which documents we need from you. Once we have them all we will apply for the visa on your behalf. We will submit your application as soon as is possible and, in most cases, this will result in you getting your visa within a few days. We are, of course, dependant on the processing speeds and regulations of the Embassy in question. We will inform you as soon as the visa is ready – The whole process is quicker and more efficient when you use our services.

  • The right approach

    At Visa Service Desk we know the requirements that apply to many different visas. You can rest assured that you are in the right place for your Indian visa application. Due to our intimate knowledge of the processes, we can easily guide you through the whole process from beginning to end. The result of this is that you will fulfil all of the requirements and be able to travel to India without any visa issues. Do you have any specific questions? Then our specialists are waiting to help you. You will always receive a tailor-made service with us, designed around your specific situation. Would you prefer to provide certain parts of the application yourself? Then of course this is also a possibility, you decide how much help you want for your visa application and when.

  • We help you throughout the whole process

    Applying for a visa for India can be very complicated, especially if you have not done so before. In most cases the capture of biometric data is a mandatory part of the visa process for India. At Visa Service Desk we can help you with the planning for the capture of your biometric data. Do you still need to get your correctly formatted photographs? Then we can print these for you using our Photo Service. We will help you throughout the whole process and ensure that your visa application is trouble free. You needn’t worry about your application if you use Visa Service Desk.

  • We take as much work as possible out of your hands

    With a visa application you will always have to provide information. However, this does not mean that you must take care of the entire application yourself. We not only guide you through the process, but we also take care of as much work as possible for you. Our specialists can, for example, fill in your application form for you. At Visa Service Desk we work with as many automated processes as possible, this means that you are not constantly busy filling in PDF documents. This is one of the reasons why your visa application runs so much faster if you choose Visa Service Desk. We only request your data once instead of several times per request, saving you a lot of time and effort. If you choose our specialists to handle your visa application, you will receive the best comprehensive service for the lowest price.

Requirements for a Tourist Visa

Tourist visas have different requirements to Business visas. If you are going on holiday to India you have less requirements to fulfil then you would for a business trip. You can find the basic requirements for a tourist visa for India below.

Please be aware that the requirements for your specific situation could be different from the basic requirements shown below. To ensure that the exact requirements are met, place an order online through our website.

  • Passport
  • An additional copy of your passport
  • 2 passport photo’s measuring 5x5cm
  • An original copy of a completed application form, with 2 signatures
  • An original copy of a signed declaration

The requirements that you must meet vary per situation. We therefore recommend that you create an online application on our website to see what the exact requirements are for your situation.

A transparent process

If you choose Visa Service Desk, then you can be sure that your application for an Indian visa will run smoothly. You needn’t worry at all about your journey to India, we will always keep you up to date on the status throughout the whole application process. If a certain requirement isn’t clear, or if you have any other questions about visas for India then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are waiting to help you.

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Visa Service Desk advises and assists companies with applying for business visas, or legalising business documents. We assist and advise our clients by taking care of both the administrative part of an application and the relevant procedure at an embassy or consulate. For this service we charge a fee. We are not part of the government or affiliated with them. All fees for your application are visible and transparant when you place your order on our website. You also have the option to submit your application directly to the relevant government entity yourself. When you place an order on our website we will never charge you a higher fee than the fee charged by the embassy or consulate.