Applying for a visa for Cuba

If you are travelling to Cuba, then you will, in general, need a visa regardless of your reason for travel. Your visa will show that you have official permission to enter and stay in Cuba. Dutch passport holders are sometimes not used to applying for visas because when travelling within the EU, they are not necessary. When travelling outside of the EU, however, visas are often necessary to be able to enter and stay in a country – this is certainly the case when travelling to Cuba. It is very important that all of the requirements for a visa for Cuba are met, otherwise there is a chance that you will not be issued a visa.

Cuba is a country that has relatively few requirements attached to their visas, but it is still important that you meet all them. At Visa Service Desk we can help you to meet all of the relevant requirements so that you have the maximum chance of getting your visa first time. If you choose to use our services, then you will not have to go to the Cuban Consulate in person to apply.

How does it work?

Applying for your visa with Visa Service Desk is easy.

  • laptop Step 1  Start your application online on our website.
  • flight Step 2  You will then see which documents are necessary for your application.
  • paper place Step 3  Send all of the documents to us.
  • recycle Step 4  We will make sure that everything is correct and complete, and deliver the application to the Cuban Embassy.
  • passport Step 5  We then ensure that you receive your visa as quickly as possible.

Requirements for a business visa for Cuba – for Dutch passport holders

Are you planning a business trip to Cuba? Then you will need a business visa for Cuba. In order to get your visa, you will have to meet certain specific requirements, you can find the standard requirements below.

Please be aware that the requirements for your specific situation could be different from the basic requirements shown below. To ensure that the exact requirements are met, place an order online through our website.

  • Valid passport
  • Passport photo
  • Visa application form
  • Authorization from Cuba

It’s very important that the visa application form is filled in correctly. If you want to be sure that this happens, we can help you. We will thoroughly check your application form before it is submitted and we will also guide you through the whole process.

Examples of the tailor-made services from Visa Service Desk

At Visa Service Desk we ensure that your visa application for Cuba goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. With the expert guidance that we give you, you can be sure that your chance of rejection is minimized. Our specialists will help you throughout the whole process. Below you can find more examples of the benefits of using our services.

  • Quick application

    A visa application for Cuba can be extremely fast if you place an order online through our website. You will be shown exactly which requirements you will need to meet and we are happy to guide you through them. At Visa Service Desk we work as much as possible with automated processes. Thanks to this, you don’t need to fill in the same details over and over again on multiple forms. We ensure that your application for a visa for Cuba runs smoothly.

  • Personal guidance

    The amount of personal guidance that you will receive during your visa application is entirely up to you. If this is the first time that you have ever applied for a visa, its very nice to have guidance throughout the whole process. In this case you could also benefit from our Premium Service. Our Premium Services ensures that your whole application experience is worry-free, with this service we fill in your application form for you and make sure that you are aware of the status of your application at all times.

  • Transparent and reliable

    Visa Service Desk has a strong focus on transparency. This means that we have clear and visible pricing and that you are always aware of the status of your application. You can always be sure that your personal details are safe when using our services as we strictly follow the regulations of GDPR.

Requirements for a tourist card for Cuba – for Dutch passport holders

Are you going on holiday to Cuba? Below are the requirements for getting a tourist card for Cuba. We will complete your tourist card and send it to you:

  • Copy of a valid passport

Do you need our help?

If you are planning a trip to Cuba then its important that your visa application is done correctly. We can help you ensure that the chance of your application being rejected is at the absolute minimum. Are you interested in finding out the benefits of using our services? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want direct help with your visa application then we advise you to place an online application on our website. Our specialists will then take care of your application.

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