Applying for a visa for Canada

Are you planning a holiday or business trip to Canada? Then as a Dutch passport holder you will need official permission to enter and travel in the country. Have you never travelled outside of the EU before? Then you probably have no, or very little, experience with applying for visas. As a Dutch passport holder, you will need to apply for a visa when visiting most countries outside of the EU. In order to enter and travel through Canada for business or tourism you will need official permission in the form of an eTA. Do you meet the requirements to apply for an eTA? Then it is an easy option for you to apply for a visa for Canada. Applying for an eTA is quite simple and even more so if you choose to apply through our website. At Visa Service Desk we have a lot of experience with applying for eTA’s for Canada. Thanks to this, we know exactly how to meet all of the different requirements. Do you want a worry-free application for an eTA? Then simply process your application through our website.

For Dutch passport holders, the eTA is appropriate for both business and tourist travel. You can find the standard requirements for an eTA below.

Please be aware that the requirements for your specific situation could be different from the basic requirements shown below. To ensure that the exact requirements are met, place an order online through our website.

  • Passport
  • Completed questionnaire

Eligibility for Working Holiday and Young Professional

If you want to travel on a working holiday or as a young professional then you will need an IEC work permit. To be eligible for this visa, you must be between the ages of 18 and 30. There are only a specific number of these visas issued each year and due to this there is a lottery system for this visa type where the Canadian Immigration department select candidates at random from the pool of applicants. To find out if you are eligible for an IEC work permit, click here. You can find out more information on the schedule for the pools and lottery system here.

How does it work?

Applying for your eTA with Visa Service Desk is easy.

  • laptop Step 1  Start your application online on our website.
  • flight Step 2  You will then see which documents are necessary for your application.
  • paper place Step 3  Send all of the documents to us digitally.
  • recycle Step 4  We process the application for you with the Canadian government.
  • passport Step 5  We then ensure that you receive your visa as quickly as possible.

We strongly advise you to start your visa application on our website. If your application is processed with Visa Service Desk, you will be helped wherever necessary by an expert.

Let Visa Service Desk assist you with your visa application for Canada today.

Examples of the tailor-made services from Visa Service Desk

Applying for a visa for Canada works best when done through our website. We make applying for an eTA as easy as possible for you. Are you interested in why visa applications are so much easier when done through our website? You can find some of the reasons below:

  • Fast process

    You will most likely want to have your eTA as quickly as possible, so that you don’t need to worry about your trip. Applying for a visa can be time consuming and the information that is asked for can be confusing. At Visa Service Desk, we know exactly what information is needed. We are happy to help you to meet all of the requirements for your eTA. In this way your visa application will run much faster. At Visa Service Desk we work with automated processes. The advantage of this is that you are not constantly busy filling in various documents. You only have to send your data to us once, then we will ensure that this data is stated correctly in the eTA request. Is it important to you that your application runs as smoothly as possible? Then it’s a good idea to apply through our website.

  • Affordable and comprehensive service

    At Visa Service Desk you will receive the most comprehensive service for an affordable price. Our specialists will guide you, where necessary, during your application. It feels good to have the right guidance during the process of applying for your eTA. A visa application is normally quite stressful, and even more so if you have never done it before. Our specialists can take this burden from you during your visa application. Is there information that is unclear to you? Our specialists are happy to assist you. Applying for an eTA is, in this way, much less complex.

  • Experienced specialists

    Are you applying for a visa through our website? Then you will be helped by a specialist with years of experience. Thanks to the extensive experience of our specialists, applying for an eTA is easy. Do you have questions about your application? Then we advise you to contact us directly so that one of our specialists can help you. This way our specialists can assist you with, for example, completing the questionnaire for your eTA. Through our years of experience, we are ready to answer even the most complicated questions about eTA applications. This means that you don’t have to worry at all about your application. Our specialists can guide you through the process.

  • Secure and transparent working methods

    Visa Service Desk has a strong focus on transparency. We are the only company that will show you all of our prices before you have confirmed your order on our website. This is done in a similar way to the shopping cart that you will know from online shopping sites. If you use a specialised company to handle your visa application then you naturally want to be sure that you are dealing with a reliable company. The specialists at Visa Service Desk are trained in compliance and will handle your data with care. Our secure systems protect your data and we fully comply with the rules of GDPR.

Do you need help with your visa application?

Would you like help from an expert with your application for an eTA for Canada? Then you should place an order on our website and one of our specialists will take care of this for you. Do you want to know more about eTA’s? Then we recommend that you contact us directly. Our specialists can tell you more about the official permission that you will need to travel to Canada. This will all aspects of your eTA application very clear.

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