Applying for a visa for Brazil

A visa is a document with which you can show that you have official permission to enter and travel through a country. The requirements necessary to attain a visa can vary enormously from country to country. It is therefore very important that you research exactly which requirements you will need to meet for your specific visa application. Many Dutch passport holders are not used to needing visas for travel. This is due to visas not being necessary for Dutch citizens travelling within the EU. When travelling outside of the EU however, this is often different.

For tourism, Dutch passport holders do not need a visa for Brazil. Are you going to work in Brazil? Then a visa is needed. Are you unsure if you need to apply for a Brazilian visa for your trip? Then we advise you to contact us. We can check whether or not you need a visa to enter Brazil.

How does it work?

Applying for your visa with Visa Service Desk is easy.

  • laptop Step 1  Start your application online on our website.
  • flight Step 2  You will then see which documents are necessary for your application.
  • paper place Step 3  Send all of the documents to us.
  • recycle Step 4  We will make sure that everything is correct and complete, and deliver the application to the Brazilian Embassy.
  • passport Step 5  We then ensure that you receive your visa as quickly as possible.

Requirements for a work visa for Brazil – for Dutch passport holders

In order to get a work visa for Brazil you will have to meet certain specific requirements, you can find the standard requirements below. Do you want to be completely sure that you meet all of these requirements? Then our specialists are happy to help you. A visa application for Brazil is made easier with help from Visa Service Desk.

Please be aware that the requirements for your specific situation could be different from the basic requirements shown below. To ensure that the exact requirements are met, place an order online through our website.

  • Passport
  • A legalised birth certificate
  • A colour passport photo measuring 35x45mm
  • Official permission from the Brazilian Ministry of Labour
  • Police background check (VOG)
  • Yellow fever certificate
  • A fully completed and signed application form

Important – It is mandatory that you register with the Federal Police in Brazil within 30 days of entering the country with a work visa. You will need your passport to register and also the original protocol, stamped by the consulate. You will receive this protocol from the consulate at the same time as your visa is issued. Do you want to be sure that your application for a Brazilian visa runs as smoothly as possible? Then let Visa Service Desk take care of it for you.

Examples of the tailor-made services from Visa Service Desk

With Visa Service Desk you get the help that you need when applying for your visa. Our specialists are waiting to make your visa application worry-free. With our help you can be sure that the whole process will run as smoothly as possible. Do you want help filling in your application form? Then choose our Form Completion Service. Our specialists will then fill in the form for you. Our Form Completion Service is very popular, especially for Brazil as the application from can take a long time to fill in. You can read more of the advantages of using our services below.

  • Worry-free visa applications

    Applying for a visa can be extremely complex, especially for those with no experience of doing this. To ensure that no mistakes are made during your visa application it is best to use the services of a specialized company, such as Visa Service Desk. Our specialists have extensive experience with visa applications. We know the varied requirements and how best to ensure that they are met, in this way your visa application will run smoothly.

  • We keep you up to date

    Our specialists will keep you continuously up to date on the status and progress of your visa application. Transparency and communication are very important values in our company. You will notice this throughout the whole process.

Do you need our help?

Do you want to use our services, and ensure that you have a worry-free visa application for Brazil? Then make sure to start your application on our website so that we can help you. Do you have questions about visa requirements or do you want to know more about what we can do for you? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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