Premium Service

To make sure you do not waste valuable time when applying for your business visa, you can now choose to be completely unburdened with our Premium Service. 

You will receive personal guidance throughout the entire visa process from your experienced visa specialist. The main task of your specialist is to ensure that your business visa application can be submitted to the embassy as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible for you. In addition, you also benefit from all included services of the Premium Service package. 

Choose for efficiency and get to know your Premium Service specialist today. 


What is included? 

  •     A personal Premium Service specialist during the entire process 
  •     Contact over the phone to walk you through the visa procedure 
  •     Personal advice based on your situation 
  •     A courier pick up to collect your documents * 
  •     An extensive check of your documents 
  •     Our Form Completion Service * 
  •     Photo Service * 
  •     We will draft the employer statement * 
  •     The scheduling of your biometrics appointment * 
  •     Once your visa has been issued we will collect it on your behalf *
  •     Travel Emergency Registration
  •     You will receive a digital visa scan 
  •     Delivery per courier the next working day before 5 pm * 

* If applicable for your destination

The fee for the Premium Only destinations is €346.91 / €480.68 (excl. BTW) per person, per destination 
The fee, when using this service, for all other destinations is €203.04(excl. BTW) per person, per destination

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Popular destinations

We have made an overview for you of the most popular business and tourist destinations. Visa Service Desk provides tailor-made visa advice and travel information free of charge.