About us

Visa Service Desk is an independent company, not affiliated with another visa company.

We originated from the idea that applying for a visa or legalisation should be a positive and stress-free experience. No complex forms or complicated explanations, but a clear and simple process.

With this in mind, we started to develop an uncomplicated and understandable website that works efficiently.

In addition to this, we find transparency of pricing extremely important.  We don’t have hidden costs or fees, just a clearly shown amount before you place your order.

Our goal is to give people a simple tool, and tailor-made guidance, to be able to quickly apply for a visa.  We store all of the important and relevant information for your applications in your personal Visa Service Desk portal.  This includes both your current application(s) and any previous applications that you have placed on our website, together with your clearly arranged invoice history.
Visa Service Desk – The fast and stress free way to get your visa

Why Visa Service Desk?


  • Smarter and user-friendly
    Your previously saved details will be automatically filled in to your application forms.  On your own personal page you can follow the status of your application and also find your complete travel history
  • Faster and easier
    Fill in our smart forms only once for yourself, or multiple travelers without having to answer the same questions multiple times or having complicated explanations
  • Transparent
    We show all of our prices clearly, no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises at the end of the process
  • Expertise
    Have you sent us your application?  Our experts will take care of your application and check it thoroughly to avoid any unnecessary delays
  • Safer
    Our website meets the highest security and compliance regulations