Recognized PCR Testing Organisations

Due to the tight regulations on COVID-19 testing, we advise all travellers to only book direct flights where possible. For some countries, China for example, direct flights are now mandatory in order to be allowed entry into the country.

If you have been diagnosed as a COVID-19 patient or if you have recently recieved a positive test result and you wish to travel in the near future, please contact us for advice specific to your desired destination.

The following organisations are currently recognized by the Chinese Embassy and many others for attaining your COVID-19 PCR Test and IgM anti-body test results: - Website

Locations: Amsterdam / Rotterdam / Eindhoven / Den Bosch / Utrecht / Schiphol / Venray

phone: 020 7231760     email: 

Results issued in 24 hours - Website

Locations: Den Bosch / Wageningen / Nijmegen / Utrecht

phone: 085 9020303     email: 

Results issued in up to 48 hours


Ease Travel ClinicWebsite

Locations: Maastricht / Heerlen / Sittard

phone: 088 0049149     email:

Results issued in 24-48 hours



Locations: Amsterdam / Den Haag / Den Helder

phone: 070 3697189     email:

Results issued in up to 24 hours 


Novamedik DiagnosticsWebsite

Locations: Amsterdam / Velsen / Haarlem / Alkmaar / Zwolle / Groningen / Assen / Enschede

phone: 085 0600857     email:

Results issued in 24-48 hours


Novamedik Diagnostics (Schiphol Airport)Website

Location: Schiphol

phone: 0626717455 (Customer Service)  0639562923 (Airport Lab)


Coporate Travel Clinic Erasmus MC - Website

Location: Rotterdam

tel: 010 8201120     email: 

Results issued in 24 hours


Port Health Centre - Website

Location: Rotterdam

tel: 010 2411120     email: 

Results issued in 24-48 hours

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